Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Working Out Style and Pencils

The thumbnails are all done on the first issue. The story ended up being 30 pages long. This is the first pencilled page. I am enjoying the drawing, but I still need to be aware of so many things while I'm drawing. Not only the layout of each panel, but the silhouette or each character and their line of action. It can be frustrating.

While drawing the pencils, I am also working on the inking and gray tone style of the final artwork. These were done with a brush pen. I have been told that "C" is the best version, but then I was advised by Andy Friz, my mentor, that all of the styles have appealing things about them and I can use all of them depending on the mood, emotion or layout of each panel. I'm pretty excited about finishing this!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Character Designs for Acornhead

I'm still plugging away at my MFA project. Here are some sketches.

These are 3 of the main characters in my graphic novel. I am happy with the character on the right, but not the other 2.

With the character on the left, I increased his hand and feet size to make him feel like an adolescent who was still growing into his limbs.

I have continued to work on the middle character. I'm still not sure how he will look. He is the initial antagonist.

Here is another main character who's design I haven't worked on as much.

I've also worked on some basic shapes for a few secondary characters (parents of the protagonists.)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

QR Code and Google Image Search

I was introduced to QR Codes recently in my Digital Culture Class. For an explanation, just visit Wikipedia. Or to create your own go to Kaywa.com.
This is the QR Code to my website, MikeLaughead.com.

In order to incorporate it into the style of my image, I redrew my code with a brush pen.

And because I'm super original, I added the QR Code to a robot. It was fun, though.

In the same class, I learned that google has a new image search option. You can upload an image and it will find that same image on the web. I decided to search for a t-shirt design of mine that was printed at Threadless.com.

Of course I found the image at Threadless.com and at my site, but I found something amazing that I didn't even know existed!
Someone took the time to make my design into a cake! Amazing and really flattering. How awesome is that? Check out more cakes by this same cake artist.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mike Laughead's MFA: My First 3D Model

Mike Laughead's MFA: My First 3D Model: I used Google Sketchup to make this 3D model. I usually work in a very flat and graphic manner. It was really difficult to think 3 dimensi...