Monday, May 10, 2010

Rockabilly Vespa Couple, a t-shirt of half of that and a little sneak peek

Rockabilly Vespa Couple
This is a little illustration I did for Zach Trover at "The Pitch". I learned a lot about Rockabilly and Vespas while researching this.

Also, if you have a chance to work with Zach Trover, do it! He is an awesome art director.

Rockabilly Scooter Guy - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Knowing that a lot of people are into Vespas and whatnot, I made part of this image into a t-shirt submission for Threadless. If you are a commenter and voter, please help me out there. If you aren't, maybe check it out to see what I did to limit the color palette. (Is that how "palette" is really spelled?)

I am (slowly) working on a secret comic book project with some friends of mine... and my younger brother. This is just a panel that I recently sketched. I'm testing out doing a specific, detailed work schedule today and I'll try it for the rest of the week. Hopefully that means more of these pages get done. I'll report back on how it goes.