Thursday, October 13, 2011

QR Code and Google Image Search

I was introduced to QR Codes recently in my Digital Culture Class. For an explanation, just visit Wikipedia. Or to create your own go to
This is the QR Code to my website,

In order to incorporate it into the style of my image, I redrew my code with a brush pen.

And because I'm super original, I added the QR Code to a robot. It was fun, though.

In the same class, I learned that google has a new image search option. You can upload an image and it will find that same image on the web. I decided to search for a t-shirt design of mine that was printed at

Of course I found the image at and at my site, but I found something amazing that I didn't even know existed!
Someone took the time to make my design into a cake! Amazing and really flattering. How awesome is that? Check out more cakes by this same cake artist.

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Brandon said...

The cake is pretty dang cool! . . . Looks like you're really enjoying being back in school and learning some great stuff.

btw, how did the Art Seminar go?