Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nighttime 3, a Praying Gorilla & Madman!

I just wanted to drop a quick update of some new work.
Nighttime Cover (Too Afraid to Scream)
3rd Nighttime cover. This is as far as the series is going for now. I can't wait to see these in the bookstore. This is my favorite of the 3. Anyone think one of the others is better?

Gorilla Praying
This is a spread for Insight Magazine. I don't get to read the articles so I'm not 100% sure what this one is about. But I do know that the gorilla is very pious.

Madman Commission
I was recently asked to do a Madman commission. (If you are interested in a commission, I charge $50 for an original ink drawing.) I also colored this one for fun.


Kasey Hunt said...

good work, really.

Allen TenBusschen said...

Awesome, Madman 4 lyfe. I like this book cover the best as well. The gorilla does have a very tranquil feeling about him as well. I really enjoy that piece.

Also go update your bio or I will tell Penelope that she isn't your real kid.

RAWLS said...

These are sweet man! I love the monkeys. Kinda reminds me of Curious George/Roald Dahl. Great job!

Guy Mayhem said...

Ok, I'm going to commission something from you. I haven't decided what yet. But it's going to be awesome. In fact, I want your guidelines for a commission. Now that I know that I can.

Lettie Lo said...

love your drawings! so much charms and life

crylic said...

I think I forgot to thank ya for posting that tutorial you posted a while back. It was great and helped me out tons! Great stuff as usual, dood!

Kevin White said...

Excellent work, Mike!

AstroGuaje said...

I love it¡

Awesome blog.