Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm on Jeff Smith's Blog!

Due to my recent interview linking to Jeff Smith's website, Jeff Smith himself took a notice of my artwork and the few comics I've done. As if that weren't awesome enough, he then decided to write a little blog entry about me!

Now, as I said in my interview, Jeff Smith is one of my favorite comic book creators and frankly one of my favorite artists as well. I first discovered Jeff's amazing comic 'Bone', when I bought issue #13 at the comic shop when I was in high school. It immediately was appealing in every way. The story was fun, intriguing and well told. The black and white art was full of life with tons of amazing brushstrokes. I went on to buy many other issues and eventually all of the graphic novel collections. Later on, in order to improve my inking skills, I copied a panel from the comic. Please, please, please check out Bone and give it a read. Here are some ways to buy it:

1. Directly from Jeff Smith. The one volume addition is the best money you will spend this year.

2. You can also buy from Amazon.com

It also might be at your local library. Either in the black and white version or the new color versions printed by Scholastic. Start with the collection "Out From Boneville".

I need to check out Jeff's other comic stuff, Shazam! and RASL. Both look awesome and the storylines sound great.

Jeff, thanks for checking out my artwork. You are really one of the best.


Jake said...

Oh man, cool!

RAWLS said...

Cool indeed! That's great my friend!

Guy Mayhem said...

This is still mind-blowing to me. You rule.

Emilio Z. said...

wow, pretty awesome. way to go mike!

Allen TenBusschen said...

You lucky bastard, not only is your mom hot, Jeff smith hearts you