Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A Logo? New Stuff? Painter?

Mike Laughead Logo
I made up a logo for myself. This could totally change next week. Would it look good on a shirt?

Insight Drinks on Teeth
This is a recent spot illustration for Insight Magazine. The article is about the effects of certain drinks (including sports drinks) on teeth.

Guy 100
Girl 100
I'm trying to push myself to do more characters that have normal adult proportions so I can find more work in the magazine sector of publishing.

Pollywog Guy
This is my first try at painter. I used a lot of the same techniques that I use in photoshop so it went pretty easy for me.

Watercolor Thing
I tried some watercolor stuff in Painter. I like some of the effects quite a bit, especially the texture of the salt brush.


Dylan said...

I'm liking the logo. Very DFA-ish, which is always a good thing.

Your "adult proportion"-ed characters are cool, too. I like the guy ion the top. Reminds me of Slam Bradley. Again, a good thing.

And I want to see a comic of the goofy astronaut guy at the bottom. I would buy it. For reals.

Emilio Z. said...

mike, buen logo, me gusta mucho y seria excelente en una t-shirt. por cierto, me encantaron tus personajes adultos, tienen mucho caracter los dos y siguen manteniendo el toque de tu excelente estilo. saludos!


I like the "normal" character drawings a lot! The "no outside line work" along with the sketchy nature of the interior lines really click!

Brandon said...

Looks like you're getting the hang of painter! nice! I like the logo, I wonder if I could hire you to do one for me??