Saturday, December 01, 2007

Mr. Sensitive, 8-bit and some Works in Progress

Mr. Sensitive
Mr. Sensitive/Orphan is one of my favorite superheroes ever. Check him out in the best fun of X-Force and then later in X-Statix.

8 Bit Maze
This is an illustration for Guide magazine. The article is about a kid going to see his friend at a barn. On the way he passes a tree and his mother at his home. I tried to go for some generic 8 bit stuff here, mixing Super Mario Bros. with PacMan. It was really fun working in pixels this way. I used photoshop set at a really low resolution and size to create this.

Ape Planet WIP
I'm still messing around with Painter. This is a work in progress. I'm using the acrylic brushes and I'm finding that the end result isn't very different from my exercises with acrylics in college. I also remember why I stopped using them as well.

Me Guy 01
A sketch for a new avatar.

Web Header WIP
I'm working on a website redesign and this is how I have my header right now. I would appreciate any critiques on this how it is now. I would like to make any necessary art changes now, before I start trying to make this work in a website.

If you visit Kalamazoo, go eat at Taco Bob's. Trust me. (Please excuse the gross facial stubble, this was a few days after Thanksgiving.)


chrishaley said...

That Mr. Sensitive (who is one of my all time favorite characters as well) is one of the best things I've ever seen.
My jealousy of your talent is without limit.
Is it a real painting or is it all digital? If it is a real painting and you ever decide to sell it would you please let me know? It would certainly be the crown jewel of my Mr. Sensitive art collection.
This comment is now officially too long.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks a ton Chris. I really like how Mr. Sensitive turned out as well. Sadly it is a digital piece so I could only sell you a printout. Are people interested in buying that kind of stuff?

mike said...

great stuf as usual, mike! i wonder whatever happened to all those x-static characters. did they die? i can't remember...

Dylan said...

I'm glad somebody else in the world thought the idea of a bunch of self-obsessed, media-aware superheroes who kept blowing up every other issue could be categorized as "fun".

And "Other Mike," Yeah, they all died, well except Dead Girl, since that's sort of her thing. Guy, Edie and Tike all showed up in the fun 5-issue mini X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl.

Anyway, Mike, great work as usual. It's always exciting when you've updated.

chrishaley said...

I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I would be extremely interested in buying a print of that. Is this a possibility?

Manelle said...

I love the 8 bit illustration, it is a great idea.

Now moving on.

On your header first of all I think the varying sizes and positive shapes are really great. But I think it might help to add more range with the values. Right now I see two maybe three values in it (black and the value of the colors) Someone commented they thought you should space the characters more. I don't think it needs that because right now it is a scene, each character looks like it has space relative to each other, if they were spaced out it wouldn't feel like that. I just think it needs a greater range of value to make it clear where each character is, not a ton because I think you still want it to feel kinda flat. If there are places where you want the characters to blend together push that more. Some lost edges might me kind of cool.

one other thing you might want to think about it the negative space. right now it feels a little like the "mike laughead dot com" was just stuck at the top. I might be better to make it feel like more a part of the piece or push it to be even more akward. I am not really sure.

Hope that helps some.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks a ton Manelle. I'm going to work on the values some. I was focusing so much on keeping it unified with the same colors throughout the whole thing that I didn't stop to think of the values.

Chris, the last time I printed a nice version of something was back in school where the photo lab had a great printer. I'm a little clueless as to a good commercial place to print some nice prints.