Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wallet 4 Sale, Jon Peter Lewis and Niagara Falls

Fight-O Outside
For sale HERE!

Jon Peter Lewis Poster (Red)
Recent poster ad for Jon Peter Lewis. I don't usually like to work with photos but I really like how this one turned out.

Niagara Falls 2007
My wife took this picture during our 5-year anniversary trip to Niagara Falls (we went a week ago). Our 2-year-old stayed with my wife's family but we brought our little 7-month-old. This was our ride on the "Maid of the Mist" to get really close to the falls.

Everyone kept saying that our baby was cute. I even heard a group of Japanese tourists say "Kawaii!" when we were in an elevator with them. Being a nerd, I understood it right away and then was able to explain what it meant to my wife later.

Niagara Falls in beautiful, it was wonderful, the town is tourist-y but the view totally makes up for any of that.


mike said...

wow! that photograph came out really nice, mike! i love your style.

also- someone brought the last fluke anthology to my drawing group last night and i read your story in there. that was great too!

RAWLS said... the should start your own line of accessories!! Great stuff man!

RAWLS said...

ps. Babies are great, aren't they

Emilio Z. said...

hombre, mira q cosas tan cool pones en tu blog mike. q la sigas pasando bien campeon, me encanta tu trabajo.

Shelbi and Bryant said...

Well it's Mike Laughead!! Long time!!! I saw your name on Scott fransons blog and here I am!! I checked out your art and you are nonetheless amazing!! Your work is realy great I should commision you to do something great for my sons! I'm glad to see that you are a sucessful artist! I hope your family is doing great! I would love to see a better shot of your babies !!

Grifter said...

i like posts where you talk about your family life a little.

it helps me remember that you aren't just some great-art-producing android.