Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Because I've Been So Busy, Here Are a Few Little Drawings

I've been in the middle of 2 huge projects for the last few months so I haven't had much to upload. I'm currently in the process of reviewing and visiting colleges in order to decide where to attend grad school. It's a lot scarier to figure out where I'm going to move my family for 2 years than it was when I first went to college. My thought process then was, "Not sure what to do now, guess going to college is better than working for my dad." (It was waaaaay better, by the way.) So a lot has been on my mind in that front.

The other thing I have been doing is finishing my 2nd official children's picture book. If you haven't seen my first one, please check it out on Amazon.com. It came out last month.

So, here are a few images.

This was a sketch I did almost 2 years ago. I found it and scanned and colored it. You might recognize the character from this past illustration. It's basically the same character without a hat.

Fun Fantasy Guy

This guy came out when I was sketching a while back. I decided to color him because I liked the design, but mostly because I liked the triangle trees in the background painting thing.

Just sketching. I really like this guy for some reason. Plus his red nose and ears are sweet.


Jake said...

I'm curious about your reasons for going to grad school. Surely working for your dad wasn't the only other option, right?

Mike Laughead said...

I should clarify. My options after completing the mission was to either work for my dad or go to college. Now, after getting my BFA, I am going to grad school because I want to push my sequential art and also teach at the college level.
I am teaching at the community college in town, but I would like to try teaching full time for a while.

Jake said...

Ah, ok. Makes much more sense now. I didn't know you were teaching. Cool.

Best of luck finding the right school for you. I'm excited to see you pushing your comics work.

mama.laughead said...

I really like the guy with the red nose.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks, honey. Which red-nosed guy though? The laughing one, or the one with the big eyes?

BETOWERS said...

Nice characters guy!! Really interesting blog!!

A new follower for you :)