Monday, December 13, 2010

Grandma Throwing a Shoe!

This was for "Thriving Family Magazine". I really thought the subject was both fun and actually really challenging. The title went right over the crouching mom and son who needed to be cringing. Also, I think this was my first time drawing a wheelchair so it was mostly based on a photo or 2 I found advertising them. In spite of the challenges (or because of them?) I found this to be a very fun project. And I'll leave you with a little advice, if anyone offers you the chance to draw an old woman throwing a shoe, take it, it's worth the effort!


Guy Mayhem said...

Where are the action lines behind the shoe? What did you learn in those advanced illustration classes?

Besides that, I loved it.

RAWLS said...

haha, old grandmas... shoes, cats, they'll throw anything at you!!
Nice work my friend!

Zoie said...

OMG love it!:)