Monday, December 20, 2010

Cleopatra in Spaaaaaace! and a Mexer Copy

Cleopatra in Spaaaaaaace! Fan Art
This is my version of Mike Maihack's webcomic heroine Cleopatra in Spaaaaaaace!. It's a fun comic, check it out!

I drew this in my sketchbook during some open office hours last week. This was completely inspired by this line drawing by Mexer. Check out his final color version on his website;
I drew my sketch without having Mexer's version in front of me. After completing it, I went back and looked at Mexer's drawing and realized how much he schooled me in terms of detail and awesome Thai-ness!

Have a great Christmas everyone who celebrates! And I hope everyone else has a restful break.


mexer said...

wow!, thanks a lot mike, now i'm flattered! :)
i think your drawing is absolutely unique though.
lets kick something together in 2011!
yours, mexer

Mike Laughead said...

Sounds awesome, Mexer. A collaboration together would be amazing.