Monday, August 23, 2010

Adventure Time Fan Art

So I have pretty crappy cable at home. But my parents have awesome cable.... so when I visited them recently I actually got to watch a couple episodes of Adventure Time. And it was amazing! It was pretty much everything cool from Ren and Stimpy, minus the gross and mean stuff plus fantasy.

So I did some fan art when I got back. I realized that a lot of the visual look for the show is similar to what I would do, but I totally would have given Finn thicker limbs. Jake is pretty much the same though.

After inking this I realized that I ink with really thick lines. I may have to buy some pens and try them out. I'm not a fan of all the thickness.


Dylan said...

Love it. And this show is so super good.

chrishaley said...

What Dylan said.

Also, did you ever know that you're my hero?

Mike Laughead said...

I have been known to fly higher than an eagle because I was the wind beneath someone's wings... but I did not know I was your hero.

Thanks guys. I can't wait for Adventure Time to come out on DVD (or better yet, Netflix Instant!)

jac said...

I've been waiting for this.