Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Angry at the Internet

Self portrait of the artist angry at the internet.

Yes, I do have a horrible beard and my feet are vaguely hobbit-ish.


Lance Fry said...

Excellent sketch, but now I'm left wondering, why is this hobbit like creature angry at the internet? Story?

Mike Laughead said...

I'm blogging on my wife's blog now, but it's invite only (mostly family and her mom friends).

But here is what I wrote that goes along with that picture:

"So I realize that my default mode at home when I'm not doing anything else is surfing the internet. Since I do this so much, it's become a habit for me. And that's not a good thing for someone who works from home with no boss looking over his shoulder. So this week I'm swearing off the internet. I am using email (necessary for work) and I am using an app on the ipod to check soccer news (because I'm obsessed with Mascherano moving to Barcelona.. I hope!) And I'm obviously blogging, but nothing else. I'll see if I feel liberated or just bored."

So far the verdict is a little liberated and a little bored too.

Valerie said...

I like it. The beard, but, mostly you do look really angry. I like it.

Darlene S. said...

I feel like your guy is ready to karate chop me and then flying kick me in the head!

You really do have much talent in capturing character and feeling. Well done!