Thursday, April 01, 2010

"Shoes" Picture Book Sneak Peek

I just sent the final art for a children's picture book off to the publisher. Now it's in the designer's hands to add all the text. I thought I would offer a couple of pages as a sneak peek here. When the book itself is published I'll show more and hopefully all of the finished book.


Jake said...

Lookin good Mike!

Erin Hunting said...

Looks super cute Mike, although I never thought I'd see a hippo in thongs/flip flops!
Nice texture to the colours too.
Look forward to seeing more!

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks guys. I'm particularly happy with the texture. And I see tons of hippos wearing flip flops, don't you?

Jake, I just read Missle Mouse a few weeks ago. I totally love the character design for the pig snout guy (sorry, I'm blanking on the name.) It was a fun book.

kalonji said...

that is just so cute i just loved man !! excellent ^^

AnnaBanana said...

blog surfing. . . found yours. . . love the shoe book illustrations. . . maybe I just love shoes. will wait to hear more about it.

cool stuff.

Mike Laughead said...

I'm excited to see these after the designer adds all the type. It's always fun to see how a designer adds their own twist to the whole project.