Thursday, April 01, 2010

Family Portrait, an Experiment and Mystery Comic Book Character Sketches

Family Portrait 2010
Here is my family portrait for 2010. These are for my wife's birthday (Valentine's Day). I was a little late on finishing this for her and I've waited quite a while to post it. I hope the Valentine's thing explains the hearts and the color scheme. I normally don't wear that much pink.

I decided to do a realistic drawing because I get that itch every few months. This was drawn from an image of Luke Wilson from Royal Tenenbaums with no effort made to actually make it look like him. I really enjoyed doing the texture stuff.

I often have mystery comic book projects going on with Keaton Kohl, Erik Harmon and my younger brother Lee Laughead. They usually don't pan out but we have fun talking about story ideas. This one is coming along further than most we've done in the past. The image here is a sketch of the protagonist (on the right), his best friend and his sister. You may have seen a hat/helmet similar to the one the guy in the middle is wearing in some of my past work. The character donning that hat in the past was called "Acornhead." So we have kept that name as the working title. I'll post more when there is more to show.

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Kurt and Courtney said...

I love the family portrait! And all of your stuff. Seriously. I guess that's one of the best things about knowing an artist, is that you can see their personality in their work, and recognize it.