Monday, August 17, 2009

Robot & Rico Books 1-4

In my last entry I posted the covers to some easy reader books I did earlier this year. I realized that unlike before, I haven't posted much of the work I've done this year because I've had bigger/longer assignments. This is the first of a few that I'll be able to post. The following is an image of 4 pages, each from one of the first 4 Robot & Rico books.
Robot & Rico Pages

I thought I would post the small PDFs of the books so you guys could all see them and hopefully I could get some advice on which spreads/pages are the best for my portfolio. I've asked some of you before, but I'm still considering.
Book 1 PDF | Book 2 PDF | Book 3 PDF | Book 4 PDF

You can buy the books here:
Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4. Or you can check on Amazon.

I'm working on the next 4 books right now. I'm especially proud of how the sledding one turned out. I can't wait to show you guys!


RAWLS said...


Jac said...

I know what my daughters are getting for Christmas.

AstroGuaje said...

WOW I love robots like this.



Mike Laughead said...

Thanks for the nice comments guys. One thing I am continually liking with these books is the design of the Robot character. I almost wish that I was the author so I could use Robot in other things because I like drawing him so much.

Pollock said...

it's a great great job

Kurt and Courtney said...

I still love the camping one. Especially the random assortment of objects in the one monster's mouth. What was not in there?

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks again for the kind comments. And Courtney, I really glad you like that one. At the time I was drawing it, I was thinking it was the worst of them. But it retrospect it may be one of the best.

Jena said...

eeeek! These are crazy cool! Overall I love Robot's knuckles and how his arms lengthen/shorten depending on the task he's tackling. I LOVE "A Big Catch" & how Robot's eyes get all sparkly when he's excited or Robot playing in the sand w/ tire & Robot holding up the boot. Love it! (and thanks for your comments btw...) Give Candice a huge hug for me, will ya?