Friday, July 18, 2008

Pulling a Sled, Sketchbook and

These first two are for an article in Guide Magazine. I'm most proud of the boys rosy cheeks and that fact that I actually looked up the word "flour" in German.

Guide Christmas main image

Guide Christmas spot

These are some images from my sketchbook. I decided to buy one recently. I do like it in some ways, but I am very used to being able to screw up a drawing on regular computer paper and not worrying about throwing it away. I try to be a bit more careful in the sketchbook. I'm not sure if it helps my art or not.

Sketchbook 01
Sketchbook 02
Sketchbook 03
Sketchbook 04
Sketchbook 05
Sketchbook 06

And lastly, I have started submitting some shirts to And I am having better success than on Threadless. Apparently my stuff is more popular in the EU than in my homeland. Please check out the site. Sign up and vote if you have an inclination. They have different contests for the general EU (in English), France and Germany. So if you know any of those languages you might want to check out those other ones.

I just want to say one more thing. My wife and I have been watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD. We are halfway through the second season. Does everyone else just love this show? I'm a sci-fi geek so I tend to like the space setting anyway, but my wife is way into it as well. Does it keep staying awesome through the next season?


mike said...

besides some strange filler episodes, yes. yes it does.

pace yourself. we won't get to see how it all ends until next spring.

Dylan said...

BSG is aces. It's the perfect mix of Star Trek (people talking about stuff, etc.) and Star Wars (people blowing stuff up, etc.). Add in a dash of political undertones and good old 21st century paranoia and you have a heckuva show.

Like you, I've only seen through the second season (should be getting season 3 through my local library in a week or two), so I can't vouch for it, but I've heard it's good, if uneven.

I liking these sketches. The last one and the lady holding the stick (?), especially. They feel a little "animator"-y.

And Backpack Frodo is awesome.

RAWLS said...

MIKE!!! My friend...these are awesome. I totally know how you feel about the whole sketchbook get used to it though, and eventually your sketchbook is where you make ALL your (happy) mistakes. LOVE the skateboarding death guy! As for battlestar...I don't watch it, but everyone here at work who watches it love every season.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks for the kind words. And RAWLS, I think that death on a skateboard might be making it's way into a t-shirt design.

I am itching to watch the next disk of Battlestar Galactica...

GhostMane said...

Best sci-fi series ever on TV

Meridth Gimbel said...

Frak yes!

Old Man Foltz said...

I love the sketches! Post some more!

As for BSG, I only know the old stuff. Haven't seen the new stuff yet. I wasn't sure if the new would taint my fond memories of laser red eyes and vocoder voices.

Lance Fry said...

Love the girl with the jump rope Mike! It's motion, it's fun and it's great! Love seeing your new stuff on here and love how you experiment and try new things. I should do more of that. :D

Guy Mayhem said...

Yes, I'm a fan of the show. Or as Valerie calls it Battlestar Ga-nerdica or Buttlestar Geek-actica or whatever variation she thinks up.

Skateboarding death-Awesome. And I really like your new uses of colors and shading in your stuff for Guide. Or your new art in general. It gives it a different feel of depth.

Gabriele Antonini said...

Very beautiful works!

Anonymous said...

buenisisisisimo trabajooo!

que imaginacion!

; )