Friday, June 13, 2008

Saved By the Enemy parts 2 & 3

Saved By The Enemy 02
Saved By The Enemy 03

Parts 2 & 3 of 3 for Guide Magazine. The story is about a girl leaving her village in Italy during WWII when soldiers come to occupy it. In the end she gives a bible to the German soldier and that same soldier releases her father (a prisoner of war) instead of executing him. Kinda crazy stuff.


RAWLS said...

Cool stuff my friend!! Makes me think of that movie 'Saints and soldiers'. Great stuff man!

Dylan said...

I already commented on part one over on Flickr, but man, I love this series. Me = envious of your skillz.

Pollock said...

Splendid job ! Really great !

A Spooky Ghost said...

It's the white space on the right that just kills me. The picture is good but the lack of a real border gives this strange reality to it. I don't know why.

Mucho mucho. (I know Spanish, Mike.)

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed doing these as well. The texture was really fun to work with. I am going to do more texture stuff in the future.

As for the white space, that is where the title and the beginning of the article go. This kids magazine always uses this format, so look for more like this in the future.