Friday, April 25, 2008

The Pitch KISSes and kicks my butt. Also SkullBoy

So here are two images I did for "The Pitch" (a newspaper in KC if you didn't know.)
KISS "The Pitch"
This first one was the header to a calendar thing. One of the events was a KISS convention. I only have two regrets here, not taking the time to make them "shiny" and not putting Gene Simmons' tongue out. I do like his pigtail though.

Wilder Pitch Cover (Unused)
This second one was a cover idea that didn't end up working. I think a big part of the problem was the crazy orange color that evidently looked like puke when printed on newsprint. I hope to do another cover sometime in the future.

This last image is a Tee shirt design I'm working on. You can check out a few color variations here. You can also comment if you see any ways I can improve it.

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A Spooky Ghost said...

Have you looked into doing covers for "Friday" yet? If they're still doing that in KZoo.