Monday, April 14, 2008

Magical Threadless tee and Shakespeare's donkey

My Magical Tee
This is my newest Threadless submission. I'm trying out mixing my cartoony stuff with more "realistic" people. Plus I inked this one and kept most of the lines. I'm very happy with the result. Please click below, then comment and vote on it.
My Magical Tee - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
Mid-Summer Nights Dream Poster
I assigned my digital painting class to do a Shakespeare play poster and I decided to do the assignment with them. I just went with the CMYK colors so this could be a 4 color print + the white or black of the paper (it would look better on black.) To view my class blog with links to the student's class blogs click here.

I also found out that an image of mine was used as reference on a German language blog. The article is about some artists sharing their process with others and some keeping it secret. Here is the blog: Computerlove
If you want to check out the tutorial that the image is from click here.


RAWLS said...

SIIIIICK!!! Dude, those are great! I love what your doing lately..colours, texture, characters. Definitely a strong direction. Great job my friend. oh, and your threadless shirt design is amazing, and is my new desktop!!

Grifter said...

this is P O O P.

not really. just a little vindictive from your comment on tenbu.

Mike Laughead said...

Funny, Grifter (aren't you a character in the amazing comic W.I.L.D Cats?)

And RAWLS, thanks a ton. If you want a high rez version I can send it your way. Just email me.

Emilio Z. said...

mike, este poster me encanta! esta frgonsisimo!

Shaun Williams said...

I gotta agree, pink on dark gray is the best for the magical threadless tee. The combination of styles is working well for it too...nice job Mike! I have an entry in cg society, but no new blog stuff. check it if you want to anyway :)
SO yeah, check it out, and take care of yourself. Later