Saturday, June 09, 2007

Vampires, Pirates and Some Guy

Vam-Pirate Prom

Illustration for a Vam-pirate prom in Kansas City.

Darkside of Self

This is for Insight Magazine. The article is about "your inner darkside" or something like that.

I also did a little illustration for Scholastic magazine and I'm working on my second cover for the BYU-Idaho activities cover.

My shirt on is selling well. Please buy one if you are interested.


Carly Monardo said...

Hey, found your stuff through comicspace! Love your work! I think I'm gonna have to buy that Hyrule tshirt :D

Anonymous said...

Mike you stuff is really looking great. Everytime I watch Samari Jack with my son I can't help but think of your work.

Dylan said...

Dude, "Dark Half" dude is totally doing "Sho-Ryu-Ken!" Sweet!

Seriously though, nice work.

Allen TenBusschen said...

I agree with dylan on this one. go mexican ryu!