Monday, May 14, 2007

New Insight...

Trying To Sleep

12 Young Apostles

Two new illustrations for Insight Magazine.

I had a shirt for sale on on Saturday. I sold around 30 shirts which is cool. Thanks for those who bought one. Later, I found out that a friend of mine bought one that he wasn't going to wear and my mom bought one as well.

I just wanted to explain to anyone that is buying something from me just because they want to help me, please don't do that. Buy it because you want it. I only get a few dollars per shirt or poster bought (I don't get any from Threadless, they pay the artist a flat fee.) If you just want to help me out, buy me some food the next time you see me. I will be getting the same amount of money and you will save the other $10-$15 buying something that you don't want.

Anyway, life is good. Thanks for the support. The two girls are doing well, Candace is doing well, I am working on some comics for anthologies and I want to do some actual paintings. Would anyone be interested in buying original paintings by me?


Lance Fry said...

Great stuff Mike! I admire your ability to do serious stuff and other kinds of fun stuff. I think Judas is the one who isn't looking straight, either him or the skin head in the back, or is that guy just bald?

The Adams Family said...

Heck yeah, man. I'd buy an original laughead.

Buttman forever!