Monday, March 26, 2007

STS9 Spring Tour Poster

STS9 Spring Tour Poster

STS9 is doing some shows for charity and the charity asked MikeTysonDesign to do a poster. I did this one on my own with some art direction by Tyson and Allen.
I feel like I directly ripped off a few other artists when I did this poster and I feel like showing you how much I ripped it off, so here are links to the artwork:

More Elio
Little Friends of Printmaking
Spike Press
Our Friend

So... do I suck now?

These are some extras from the poster. The first illustration just wasn't working in the poster. I think it looks better as a spot illo. The second was something I was going to put in the background, but made it too cluttered.

STS9 Poster (First Try)

STS9 Line Drawing


Paul Conrad said...

HEY! You knocked my socks off! :)

Beach said...

Great poster! Let me know when it goes on sale...

Mike Laughead said...

Sorry Beach,
This is a non-profit show and I was asked by the non-profit organization to do the poster. Sadly that means that the poster is not for sale.

Check it out at the website Consciousness Alliance dot org