Saturday, February 24, 2007

The cross, family, and a little Hellboy...

Shadow of the Cross
This is an illo for Insight magazine. The article is supposed to be pretty serious, so I tried to make the colors "serious". Did it work?

Laughead Family Portrait 2007
I do a family portrait every year on Valentine's day for my wife. This is the newest one.

Hellboy Jump
I drew Hellboy because he is fun to draw.


Lance Fry said...

Awesome stuff, keep it up! Oh and the "serious" colors work well.

James said...

Nice Hellboy! You excited about the second movie coming out?

Next year when Hellboy, Batman, and Iron Man all come out? This is when I do my nerd dance.

Dylan said...

Love the Hellboy illo. But shouldn't his hand be roughly a bajillion times more huger? The Right Hand of Doom is the best part of the Boy who is from Hell.

Anyway, as a fellow BYU-I grad, friend of Tenbu and occasional blog stalker, I figured I should chime in on the un-hugeness of Hellboy's hand. Because I am a nerd. This is what we do.