Thursday, September 30, 2010

4 New(ish) T-shirt Designs

My newest design. A big dead robot
laying in the mountains.

This idea is stolen from a shirt
Scott Pilgrim wears in volume 6. I just added color.

I liked this drawing a lot. The final product is weird.

I draw too many skulls.


Valerie said...

Who owns these t-shirts? Anyone? Either way, can I steal them for the t-shirt project?

Mike Laughead said...


These are virtual t-shirts. I just made up these designs and put them on top of photos I took of the back of some t-shirts.

I have more of my designs here:

laura said...

PLEASE print the bunny running in underpants.

Valerie said...

Mike, tell me more about this virtual world you talk about. It sounds fascinating.

Mike Laughead said...

I think the virtual world might be the Matrix, but it might have changed to something a little less dated. Maybe Scott Pilgrim's life or something.

And thanks Laura, I didn't know that anyone else besides me liked the bunny in the underwear drawing.

chrishaley said...

Yes, but why can't I buy all of these?

Mike Laughead said...

Any suggestions for good t-shirt printing places? I'm looking for ones that can print white/light colors on a darker shirt.

jazzlamb said...

Woahoho! I like them so, so much. These designs are great! I hope you find a place to print them soon:D