Friday, July 09, 2010

Unused Samples

These images are from a potential job. They asked me to do some samples and then either went with a different artist or got rid of the job itself. So, since I liked these samples I thought I would post them. My favorite is how I showed "deep" and "shallow". The top image was supposed to be for the word "cheap", but I don't think it shows it that well. I did like the image though. Do you guys have any ideas on how you would portray "cheap"?


Mike Laughead said...

I got this message from Felix von Pless:

Hey Mike,

comments seem not to work on your blog at the moment.
So here's my answer on "cheap": show something which is used to be expensive (diamond, gold, jewellery etc.) and give it a 5$-price tag. Perhaps this would work somehow, what do you think?


Kasey Hunt said...

I like the sketches. Seriously... I want a Mike Laughead tee shirt. What do I need to do, to get one? I love the KISS figures.

Eddy said...

hi Mike, Just come across your gorgeous work. I like how many of your illustrations do not have black outlines - it gives them a nice light feel. Particularly enjoyed your process posts.

jazzlamb said...

I Love how the deep and shallow work really well. Cheap,... well. Try putting two very common objects, one expensive, one cheap. I think you tried to make toys in the first one right? You could try some simpler toy that actually exists. Something on those lines, that people immediately relate with not spending too much money. Ok, I need to stop. Hope this is of some help. Keep up the lovely lovely work:)

cuypi said...

Hi Mike,
I really like your style ;)

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks everyone.

Kasey, I'll see if I can get the KISS design for a kid's tee. I'll have to find an online place for it.

Kasey Hunt said...

okay, I would wear it too!

BrianCoyDesign said...

I'd actually avoid the two+ images to communicate it and maybe more litteral. Maybe have a small bird with a word balloon and have it say cheap. Like the sound of that the bird is making.

Mike Laughead said...


I really like the bird idea. Sadly, this was for an English/Spanish, French, German, Something dictionary. So the image has to relate the direct concept, and not something that happens to sound like it.