Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bigger Illustration Post

I'm posting more stuff than usual today. The first 2 I finished a while ago. I haven't been drawing quite as much in the last few days, I'm trying to work myself out of a bad mood funk I've been in and out of for a few weeks. Hope you like the artwork and I hope I have some more drawings to post tomorrow.

2 Houses, 1 Kid
This was for an article in Thriving Family Magazine about helping your child cope with living in 2 houses with divorced or separated parents. The actual images were further apart with the text in between them on the spread.
I tried to make the 2 homes have some similar colors but feel like they were in different places to show the difference and possible distance. I think I like how the left house turned out a lot more than the right one. Dunno why.

Generations of Prayer
Also for a short article in Thriving Family Magazine. The topic was prayer as a way to support family members over a long distance. Due to my misunderstanding, I originally made the grandmother Caucasian. I was asked to change it and I think the piece came out better because of it.
My favorite part is the patterns I drew on the cloth. I particularly like the mother's blouse.

And here's a sketch with some test color for my ongoing "secret" comic project. I don't have as much experience with creating comics as I do with illustration in general and the progress is slow going. But I'm working with some great friends who not only provide good work and ideas, but very helpful criticism. I'll post more when it's ready. Most of the work is still in penciled/sketch form.


GhostMane said...

The Elfs nose really bothers me. It looks like an elephant trunk. I know its your style but it throws me everytime.

Mike Laughead said...

It really does look like an elephant trunk. I'm kinda into it.

jazzlamb said...

I love it all! I can't seem to do anything when it comes to drawing houses, so I love the forst one. Also, I really like the detailing in the second one! Great stuff!!

Mike Laughead said...

I find it hard to bring myself to draw houses and trees and such. I gravitate towards drawing people and monsters. But when I do make myself draw background stuff I feel good about it. And it often turns out well.

Guy Mayhem said...

Pretty great. I really liked the divorced house illustration. I'm glad you clarified it was separated with text. For some reason, it struck me as weird that they were living next to each other. Who moved in next door? The house was available? Awkward or fortuitous?

And I want to see this secret project.