Thursday, April 15, 2010

Graphite Style Thing

I've been messing around with a new way of working. I am always looking for fun or different ways to incorporate textures so these are my first attempts at coloring a graphite drawing.
Any opinions? Tips? Suggestions?

The first one is a re-design of a character from my comic Pelota. I'm re-writing the story to make it appropriate for a children's picture book.


Michelle Kondrich said...

It looks great! I've never thought about colorizing my pencil drawings, but it's a nice look.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks! I always feel a little let down when my finished illustrations don't show as much of my pencil drawing. So I thought about this way of preserving a lot more.

Lance Fry said...

Hehehe. I like the pelota guy. Reminds me of your old comic. I think the technique is more effective with the top illustration than the bottom one. Good stuff lately by the way. Still a fan!

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks Lance. I read every one of your comic strips by the way. RSS readers are awesome!

That guy is from Pelota, I'm re-working it as a picture book.

And thanks for the observation about the style working better on the orange one. It helps to get outside input.

Erin Hunting said...

I think it looks great Mike, I wouldn't have even know it was coloured digitally if you hadn't said so. I think alot of work online these days is missing that 'organic' feel, so this is refreshing to see.
I like both drawings, I agree the top picture works better, but it has more solid colours so that could be it. I also like the definition of cool & warm colours in the orange, works really well.

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks Erin. I agree about a lot of work losing the organic feel because of digital production. The people that digitally paint like oil painting are starting to sell me on all digital, but I love seeing some actual physical pencil, ink or paint. I think your inked linework is one of the most charming things about your work. Please keep it up.

Manelle said...

I love the textures, I have to agree the top one works better though. It might be because the character is more you-ish. The bottom lady doesn't look like something you would draw normally so even though it's an interesting character it's lacking a little life in it.

kalonji said...

i'm just a fan of your work ...your character are so impressive and charming i just loved ^^, BRAVO !!

thanks for sharin your artwork.


Julie said...

Gee, I just answered my own question. You ARE selling your t shirts and I found it. You are good!