Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kids Being Kids Illustration

Kids Being Kids
This is something I did for Thriving Family Magazine recently. I like a lot of things about this, especially the angle. I do think the kid's shoes are a bit large now that I look at them.

I'm working on a kid's picture book right now so I can't show what I'm currently working on. But it's pretty fun stuff.


Kasey Hunt said...

I like it! Good job.

Manelle said...

It's really cool.

jazzlamb said...

Wow. I love the work. I got to know about you from a friend, Kabini. I'm adding your bloglink to my humble little blog, hope you don't mind:)

In the life of DREW said...

Very cool work as always. Is it just me or should his right foot be the one in front?