Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fall Colors, Some Old Sketches

The Pitch Thanksgiving
For "The Pitch". When I was thinking of Thanksgiving, I thought of rapping Pilgrims and a Thanksgiving make-out session. The rapper sketches were odd, so I went with this. I am kind of in love with these fall colors.

Milk Jugs and Memories
This is a little illustration for Thriving Family Magazine. My wife suggested the fall colors that really helped me get going. I was messing around with the light glare from the window. It reminds me of being in an attic minus the dust.

I found some old sketches when I was throwing out old papers. I decided to scan these and put them together. I like "Young Skeletor" the best.


Allen TenBusschen said...

you are a creeper, seriously but that is one wicked hot indian brah

GhostMane said...

I love all the weird sketches