Thursday, April 16, 2009

Record Shop, a Logo, Sketchiness and My Favorite Disney Princess

Pitch Record Shop Day
This is an illustration for the Night & Day section in The Pitch. The section has a blurb about Record Shop Day or something. I had fun doing the album covers, please add comments for your guesses if you are inclined.

This Winter semester I have been teaching a Digital Painting class at KVCC here in Kalamazoo. I have the class upload their work to a blog for viewing and critiquing. Halfway during the class I made this logo for the class blog. I like how it turned out so I figured I would show it here. If you want to check out the class blog, here is the address:
Much of the work uploaded is in progress, but there's some really great work on there.

Just a little sketch I did during a church meeting recently. I think this came as a result of reading Pride and Prejudice recently. The book is seriously awesome. I'm amazed that Jane Austen could write so well and so finished without an editor to help cut and change what doesn't work. The biggest problem I have with it is she sometimes doesn't say who is speaking in a conversation. That is frustrating!

Because Disney distributes the Studio Ghibli films in the US, I thought this little thing was funny. I guess I could have included Nausicaa in there as well, but that might not have worked as well. Just as a clarification, I did not draw this, I just photoshopped it together one day. I figured it should be available to everyone who wants it.


Jon Wilcox said...

On the digital painting class - Just another reason why I'm sad to have moved away from Kalamazoo. Not that I was enrolled in KVCC or anything, but still. I bet it's an awesome class.

Ben P. said...

Best part is that he is listening to "Apollo 18" by They Might Be Giants. Love it.

Allen TenBusschen said...

Awesome to the max.

Nick Link said...

Okay I think I can name every album on here.

Gorillaz: Self Titled
Rancid: Out Come The Wolves
Elliot Smith: Figure 8
Op Ivy: Energy
Built to Spill: Keep It Like A Secret
Weezer: Self Titled (blue)
Foo Fighters: Self Titled
David Bowie: Aladdin Sane
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Blood Sugar Sex Magic
Beck: Sea Change
They Might Be Giants: Apollo 18
Pink Floyd: Dark Side Of The Moon
The Ramones: Rocket To Russia
Modest Mouse: Good News For People Who Love Bad News

and Bob Marley on the record player. Yeah I've been to the record shop once or twice.

Tony Carpenter said...

Amy and I thought the "Disney Dream Journey" was hilarious. And we want to buy one of your robot & rico books. I'm a little miffed to not see your name on the cover. What's up with that?

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks about the Disney Princess thing. I love Princess Mononoke.

As far as my name not being on the Robot and Rico covers, I don't exactly know why. But the author is really awesome and has written over 100 children's books. (One of which we own, I just figured out.) So I can see why they would want to focus on her.

I got my copies the other day and I am listed as the illustrator inside.