Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tyson Schenk will someday have a mustache

Nighttime Cover (Too Scared to Sleep)
My wife pointed out to me today that I forgot to thank Tyson, my partner in crime, for the critique help he gave me on this cover.

Tyson, I am so sorry. I bet you were "just really T.O.'ed" when you read this last post. I do appreciate your help.

Everyone, you should check out Tyson's new blog:

He is seriously insane and so are the girls that buy his hoodies at Ruehl.


Kasey Hunt said...

This must be one of your book covers? You are very talented! It looks great.

GhostMane said...

It didn't even notice since you said, "I also wanted to thank all my friends". No worries, mon!... Jamaica!!!

Thanks for pluggin' my blog. ¡Eres mi héroe!

¡Permanecer fresco!