Monday, September 08, 2008

Halftone Process and Stolen T-shirt Designs...

In response to my recent illustration for The Pitch:
Pitch Guitar Hero 1
I have been asked what my process is to get the halftone dots. So here is the link to the process:
I hope that helps anyone trying to get the same effect.

Now, I found out about something that kind of drives me crazy. I got an email about a shirt of mine that someone bought in Thailand.

If you haven't seen this before you can check out the Threadless submission here:
Re-Entry - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
So, it never got printed on Threadless, but someone got the image off the internet, made it into a shirt and sold it.
This shirt was also found:

At least this one is going to be printed elsewhere.

I also found a version of this shirt being sold on a site in the Czech Republic:
The Death of Imagination - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever
They were cool and took the design from their site when we told them about it.

So I guess the whole point is, if you want to get a "legal" copy of my shirt from people that have paid me and have high resolution artwork to choose from, follow the links on my site. If instead you would rather get it cheap and easy with some odd colors (that are kind of intriguing), go shopping in Thailand.


Jac said...

Congrats on getting totally ripped. You have officially arrived my friend.

RAWLS said...

I get all my cheap Mike Laughead clone wear from other countries... where do you get em??
That totally sucks...but you are offically big time now my friend!!

mike said...

crazy! i'm totally buying that thailand one. ;)

crylic said...

Haha, you are bigtime. Thats nutty about the knock offs tho, Mike. At least they got good taste. Thanks so much for your halftone process, now I can knock off your stuff too, hah, just jokes!

Anonymous said...

That must have driven you krazy – it's just not funny when this is what you do for a living, is it?

At least you know your work is popular