Friday, May 16, 2008

New Email!

New Email Image

I'm switching my email to my domain name.

mike (at) mikelaughead (dot) com

Please email me there from now on.


RAWLS said...

Dude..I love the monster T-shirt! Awesome stuff my friend. And nice 'new email' illustration...I often relate a new email with a vampire-mail boy and his un-dead dog?!?! haha Great stuff!

A Spooky Ghost said...

It seems everything you do these days has a lot more shadow and everything just pops a lot more. Oh, vampire boy!

Mike Laughead said...

Thanks Rawls and James. I appreciate the kind comments. I am trying to give things some more pop, in order to mess with the flatness of my colors and figures. And I am kind of in love with the monster T-shirt as well. It's mega.

hermanfox said...

hey mike, i found your awesome blog. glad to see you're still a rock star.
-emily fox