Monday, March 31, 2008

Illustration Work, Mojis, a (Somewhat) New Style and Inks

I've been saving these first two for a while. I'm not sure why. I do a family portrait every year for Valentines Day. This was my first year drawing our baby Penelope. I rally like the style but I made myself a little too tall for the composition. The second is a poster for use in classrooms. The kids are supposed to discuss what each person is doing. They were very specific about the race, clothes, gender and action of each person. I even had to make the teacher look less "womanly". It was interesting and fun. I should have some more illustrations for "The Pitch" up soon. Whenever they get printed. Everything else was pretty much just fun stuff to draw.

Family Portrait 2008
I made my family elves this year. Mostly because my older daughter Eva looks like a tricky little elf.
Educational Poster
I added some depth with the characters in the background being in shadow. I really like how the depth turned out. It was hard to get all of the figures doing what they were doing for this assignment.
Mr. Tooty Pants
Some guy I made up. I think he's kind of funny.
Sword Woman
Just a little character I made.
Some weird dude. I don't think he's very smart.
Foamy Boy
I drew with a pen on some foamy stuff my wife bought. Then I cut it out with safety scissors. The white was added digitally.
Ice Cold
I'm doing a few practice illustrations with characters more "adult" in proportion. I still make the heads a little too big.
No Chair
New "adult-ish" style. I'm just messing around.
Inkling 02
Just realizing that I like inking and I can go a little more realistic in my style.
Inkling 01
I'm pretty proud of how those feet look. I know that the foreshortening is a little odd.


Shaun Williams said...

Nice portrait dude! My son is 4 now, and my girl is 2.5! Sheesh, time is flying. I am so glad that you and the other guys from school do great work that is "fun". I really enjoy seeing others work that isn't so serious like mine tends to be, well, its also more landscape/architecture/design driven these days too. Check it out on my
to see more. I "carved" a Bumblebee Pinewood Derby car for elders quorum like the one in transformers, 2006-9 Chevy Camaro.
Sorry I don't keep in better touch. Mr. Mom sucks the life outta me. Oh, I saw that you were teaching at a local community college...nice. (at least I hope) Learn em all ya know. Till later, Shaun Williams and family.

Tali said...

Really like your work mike!
excellent colours, characters, everything!