Monday, March 03, 2008

2 Oldies and an Elephant

Shadows Rework
I just re-worked an image in my portfolio from a couple of years ago. I'm really liking the limited use of color on this a lot.

Elephant Fez Spot
I was trying for a fuzzier/chalkier style with this one. I want to thank Tony Carpenter for the texture.

I liked doing this, but I'm not sure that I want my style to go this way.

Wyrmish Cover
This is a re-work of an old dragon image from school. I made it into a book cover because that is what it's original intent was. This ended up being in a style similar to the elephant. I'm not sure how much I like working this way.


Brandon said...

I always liked this dragon! I like the elephant as well. Nice work, you're a Jedi Master!

mike said...

haha! i love that pipe smoking elephant. :D

Lance Fry said...

It's true, that elephant is way awesome Mike. Love it!

Manelle said...

That dragon has always been one of my favorites of yours. I am not sure which style I like better this one or your old one. The book cover looks really good though. I would buy it.