Friday, February 08, 2008

New Moji...

Sleeping Standing Up
by MikeLaughead
on MojiZu


Allen TenBusschen said...

did you do this in painter, i like it.

Derek & Alicia said...

I want you to check out this blog. They are some friends of ours but they had a artist draw their baby announcements. They look great and I just wasn't sure if this might be something that you would be interested in. On their blog they have the links to the ladies website that did them also.

Beatriz Iglesias said...

Soooo sweet, love the colors!

A Spooky Ghost said...

Totally badical. I just went through all the entries on your blog I haven't been reading. Awesome illustrations for The Friend.

I'm digging this a lot. "Alot" is not a word. In case you ever try to use it.

See how I turned a compliment into an insult?