Tuesday, August 07, 2007

New illos, a framing and some visitors

Book Review Spread
This is a spread for The Friend magazine. It's a little article of book reviews.

Guy in Handcuffs
A spot for Insight Magazine. I really like the kid's expression.

Yet another spot for Insight (I love those guys). I love how this one turned out, especially the books ends.

I'm really happy with all of the these pieces, most especially the book review one. It was fun working on it and I still enjoy staring at it now (is that too egocentric?)

I have a few things in the works right now. I have a couple of solid ideas for Threadless shirt submissions. I'm also working on a wallet design for Tinymeat. I'll keep everyone posted on that.

I've had a few friends visit recently so I haven't been so focused on artwork but it has been a lot of fun (I am now pretty good at Wii Sports golf and bowling). I just wanted to show off an awesome framing that one of my buddies did of my Hellboy illustration.

Hellboy framed by Keaton
He brought it all the way from Kansas City to have me sign it. (He was going to be in Michigan anyway, but still I feel appreciated.) Keaton and Erik, thanks for visiting. It was fun having both of you here.

If anyone is interested in larger versions of my work for printing purposes, just send me an email and I'll get something to you. Also, if anyone wants something I've done for their desktop image, just email me the desktop specs you use and I'll send you a file set-up for it.

Wow, that was a pretty long post. (Or at least it had more pictures than normal.)


Jac said...

Very cool. I'd really like the book tree as a desktop background, but I prefer to have the right side of my screen a solid color so I don't lose track of my folders. what with the getting old an decrepit.

Rock on young tree elf, rock on.

Dani said...

Great stuff as always, Mike.

Jenn said...

These are very nice Mike! I like the expression on the guys face with the handcuffs too. :)

mama.laughead said...

I love the style of the one for the friend. I can't wait for you to decorate playrooms and stuff. Even the stuff that you are doing for backgrounds is looking more finished than stuff from a couple of years ago. I am proud of how talented you are.

Shaun Williams said...

Hey, I'm just impressed that your blog itself looks cool as well as the images that you post. It means a lot that you look at my work by the way. The image for the friend is great. I love the colors, the spacing, the warmth of the characters (I'm still working on that one), and the content in the context the way it is. It's a great idea executed very well. I look at the stuff you do, and I think, hey, this guy likes doing this stuff. Keep on truckin'.

Shelbi and Bryant said...

I would love to have a little change in senery. Can I make it my background...will I be sued? Is it copyrighted! My son is on my lap and he loves it! He got made when I had to scroll down to comment on it and closed the bigger view window!!