Sunday, December 17, 2006

Poster SALE!!!!

We are having a sale on our Islands poster. Tyson wants to get them all out of his house. So we are selling them for $12 with shipping included. For international shipping just email me = mikelaughead (at) yahoo (dot) com. It should only be about $5 more (I think...)

So buy the first poster by MikeTyson Design and hang a nice art print on your wall.

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michael frederick said...

dear uncle mike,

i went to your website. i saw these awesome comics. i love them!

Jac Madsen said...

So i got this $15 visa check card for Christmas and I'm like, "honey I can get that Mike Tyson Designs print." and she's all like you want to hang that up?" and I'm like, "HECK YES!" and she's all like "I'll hang you up."