Friday, August 25, 2006

New website

I'm working on redesigning my website right now. The current design is okay for some things, but I want to collect my artwork differently and make it easier to see larger versions of the images.

Any suggestions?


The Prospector said...

'Sup, sucka! That's cool that you're starting the blogging thing. I just started figuring it out myself - I've got two blogs now. One for plain old art and the other is my grad thesis project (which I've just barely started). Anyway, if you want any help pimpin' out a blog, let me know.

Tolmar said...

Hey Mike. Just saw that your work was in the featured talent section on Shannon Associates. Congrats!

As far as the site goes, I agree that it would be nice to be able to see larger versions of the work. The easiest thing to do would be popping a new window (which doesn't really bother me when I'm looking at illustrations or photography). You could always do something dynamic in flash (if you have the know-how or the funds). For new work or featured work, this is a cool little tool.

I actually really liked the craziness of your first site, and miss it a bit...

Anywho, its a big fat pain designing your own stuff. Brings out a tendency to analyze everything to death.

Keep up the great work!